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My approach is right for you if you want to see and understand the tendencies and beliefs (often unconscious) that hold you back or lead you into situations that don't serve you. Much of our resistance originates from the limiting messages that were communicated to us in our early childhood by parents, teachers, peers, relatives, and society as a whole.

Although these external voices came from sources outside, we internalized them and made them our own. Much of the time, we are not even aware of this negative programming. Every problem and painful experience is an opportunity to connect with your own wisdom, even as we deal directly with the issue or difficulty you are facing. Healing relationship with yourself positively affects all your relationships. For instance, feelings of not being good enough turn into compassionate acceptance - of others as well.

"Baggage" from the past that weighs you down is released. I am able to work with all clients who are dealing with the struggle to find their own voice, overcome obstacles, and realize their potential.

Growing to the Fullest Potential
My style provides a warm regard for you in a safe setting making it easier to fully experience and express your feelings while gaining clarity and insight without guilt or self-judgment. I want to provide a safe collaborative environment for you to talk through problems, feelings, and get authentic feedback that can bring about positive changes. I also provide you with tools to live fully in the present moment and deal with emotions more effectively.

I use Cognitive behavior therapy, Solution-focused therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, and EMDR, as needed.
I offer in-person, phone, and Skype sessions.
I help people deal wlith the emotional pain experienced during and after a loss. I work side-by-side with my clients giving them a safe place to heal and grow.

What's Causing You to Grieve?
Many people require support and assistance in coping with life's many twists and turns. Friends and family may not always have the patience or understanding to help. Allow me to work with you and assist you through your pain. Whether it's due to death, divorce, or another type of loss, you do not have to suffer in silence. I specialist in grief and trauma counselling.

Most problems occur within relationship (the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected). In a safe, supportive environment, you will be encouraged to examine beliefs about yourself and others that were formed early in your life. In doing so, you may discover that those beliefs are no longer accurate and may be contributing to your current problems. Through counseling, you will find solutions developed for you, using your strengths. Insight, relief from emotional pain, and personal growth will likely occur along with greater confidence and satisfaction in ALL your personal relationships.

- Have recent life changes overwhelmed you or your children?
- Are you finding yourself in similar situations time and again, feeling disappointed, unhappy, or frustrated?
- Are you grieving a loss or death?
- Maybe you just haven't been feeling like yourself lately.

Life is full of challenges, setbacks, disappointments, and sometimes heartbreak. It's also full of happiness, joy, love, and contentment.

My ideal clients are those who may be a little nervous but are ready to offer themselves the help of counseling. I treat couples, individuals, men, women, teens, and children.

Come if you feel stuck in life or need to work through more serious issues of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, etc. I have experience in a wide range of issues people face.

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